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Three Rivers Amateur Radio Club WEND

Repeater Information

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Repeater Information
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Feel free to give a call on our repeaters!

This is a list of our repeaters and frequencies. I am also including a list of the current command names to link or use the equipment that is currently in place at this time. I will post the commands on this site in the future when they are available to use.

Our Repeater Site in Wahpeton


Club Repeater 147.375 WEND/R ......... in Wahpeton
Club Repeater 443.800 WEND/R T107.2 . in Wahpeton
Club Repeater 146.610 WEND/R ..... Windy Mound, SD Club Remote base 52.525 WEND/RB......... in Wahpeton CLUB APRS STATION 145.390 WEND Wahpeton

Rptr Link Commands

Wahpeton, ND.

224 2 meters to 440 link on
1224 2 meters to 440 link off
226 2 meters to 6 meters link on
1226 2 meters to 6 meters link off
234 2 meters monitoring 6 meters
426 440 to 6 meters link on
1426 440 to 6 meters link off
436 440 monitoring 6 meters

The Autopatch is connected directly to the 2 Meter repeater. The access command for dialtone is a * and the disconnect command is a #. After you bring up the patch enter a 9 for an outside line, as it is on the college campus pbx.

Windy Mound

605 146.610 to WAHPETON link on
1605 146.610 to WAHPETON link off